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Question about 1999 S-10 Pickup

2 Answers

starving for gas when the weather is hot my s10 truck had tank-fuel pump replaced, it was acted like it was staving for gas then it would stall. just got it out of shop ran a dianostic and all that ...


Question about 2003 Impala

1 Answer, the transmission stalls once the speedometer,hits 20 mph and it takes off but slowly. My car is a 1998 Ford Taurus. Sounds like the tranny needs to be rebuilt. Like the pressure plate and the ...


Question about 1994 Cargo

1 Answer

stalls. 1994 Chev Van G20. While driving on highway in hot weather, van stalled. After several attempts to restart, then waiting a minute or two, it did start. What could be causing this. 57000 actual

...Stalls going 50 mph? idle? hot? cold? ck eng light on? codes? Fuel pressure? I need much more information to answer your question. Is this problem constant? Is the engine light on or did you retrieve ...

...stalls at 230deg starts when cool i have a 97 blazer starts fine runs untl hot and thn shuts down//wait 1 hour wl start again untill hot then wl stall agn PLEASE HELP ME// already changed feuk filter ...

98 s10, when it gets hot itll start to die out and lose power soon after that will stall and not start for atleast 15 mins, now has skip when engine is cold, goes away when warmed up. still stalling ...

Question about 2007 Tahoe

1 Answer weather my 2007 chevy tahoe stalls at times during acceleration in hot weather it does fine in cooler weather what could cause it to stall when the weather is above 80 degreez intake air temp mas ... surges, then stalls. hot or cold, or both (hot or cold engine block)? You must not be in park, but in DRIVE, tell the full story,starting from keyon. or take it to a live person that can see

Question about 1990 Caprice

1 Answer

stalls when hot stalls when warms up and rpms get real low when it stalls but cranks right back up and runs perfect. Fuel supply, check the fuel filter

why does my car stalls while driving and will not when hot? will not start it seems when hot and stalls while driving CPS

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