Questions & Answers for: Chrysler PT Cruiser squeals dies


2005 PT Cruiser 2.4 no turbo auto Dying out problem Car ran Hot on freeway - replace one head gasket - replaced water pump - replaced timing belt - now the motor shakes, keeps dying out when it is in ...


When I drive through a puddle of water the car makes a squeal noise maybe from a belt. It goes away after a minute. It is the belt, possibly needs replacing if its often enough. PS Try to miss the ...


2003 PT Cruiser, turn signals work once in a while. when they stop blinking there is a squealing noise from in the dash. hi, the problem you are having is going to be with the indicater relay the ...

Question about 2002 PT Cruiser

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2002 pt cruier hi my fanbelt has a little wear on the belt and was wondering if it is ok to drive to my buddys place to get another one put on cause when I turn the wheel I hear a squealing noise and ...

schommeling temperatuur bij statoner als ik bij stilstand de moter sneller dus gas geef laat draaien dan zakt de temperatuur weer. english or spanish please ,sorry no german ,i am assuming that you ...

Question about 2003 PT Cruiser

2 Answers

sound from fan belt constant squealing can mean worn belt...if a whining sound..most likely a idler pulley bearing going bad...rattling sound. Your belt is start to damage. Please spray it with belt ...

When turning on the air there is a thump (not always). The other night turned the air on and there was a squealing sound then the card died. This has not happened since. Air is not getting cold. I'

Question about 2004 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

air (not exhaust) in radiator. just had radiator replace but they didn't flush it For car running hot and overheating issues, I suggest to you go through this help links. Click this link below

Question about 2004 PT Cruiser

1 Answer

squealing noise while driving 2002 pt overheated and blew the radiator it has a new radiator and thermostat but now it overheats quite quickly.I don't know how far she drove it but how do I figure out

Chrysler 2004 Pt Cruiser, when the oil pressure light started flashing and beeping we stopped the car. I popped the hood and the engine was smoking and I heard a low, high pitched squeal. I know the c

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