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noise coming from just behind steering wheel at about 65-80 mph had a mechanic check it out but was stumped , sounds like a belt slipping but mechanic checked and said no. seems to be coming from just


i'm ok at working on cars i was wondering if i can pull out a water pump in my wife subaru forester or is it to much and do i take it in what should i look for in pull a water pump in my wife subaru ...


This morning I noticed a rubbing noise coming from my rear right wheel when turning. Could this be my CV Joint? The car is a 2001 Subaru Forester. Thanks! It's possible its the CV, but check your tire

...wheel. This stops after I drive forward for about 50 to 100 yards. It seems to be related to when i press the accelarator, but doesn't depend on this. It does not happen every time I turn the car on. ...

Question about 2004 Forester

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i have an 98 subaru forester right rear wheal was pushed in replaced strut and right control arm is it posiible to bend the spindle , im told thats what is bent but i dont see how it is posible to ...

Question about 2004 Forester

2 Answers

Rear wheel noise, sounds like bearing problem. If it is an older car, the bearings could be suspect. Another area you might check is the rear brakes. If the rear brakes are "drum" brakes, its possible

2009 xt forester grinding noise when engaging clutch and stalling Are all 4 tires and wheels the same size??? (will bind the driveline up) You could have a bad differential or transfer case. Jack up ...

Why does only one front tire spln in snow when crossing a highway?with a subaru forrester 2009 2.5 touring AWD the wheels that loose traction will spin and the ones that grab will move the car. some ...

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