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Question about 2003 Impreza

1 Answer

...resistance. With the front wheel spinning, one of the rear wheel(s) should also spin. Might not be a solution but maybe you can't see the rear spinning wheel because it's spinning on the other


Question about 2002 Impreza

1 Answer

...tight turn. What happens is the inner wheel shudders as it is spinning just as fast as the outside wheel. I had a 98 subaru and the owners manual was specific in saying dotn do U-turns etc. Good


rear wheels do not kick in when front wheels spin the is a fuse on the left side on the firewall that can be pulled to make the car into front wheel drive to get you home if needed, maybe this has ...

Subaru 03 Forester - problem in front differential, 3 wheels turn Subaru 03 Forester - When on jack stand 3 wheels turn and the driver side wheel does not turn at all. Thumping noise and vibration in ...

Question about 1997 Outback

1 Answer

1997 subaru imprezza 2.2 automatic AWD wagon, bought used, suspected last winter the AWD did not work. Just jacked up rear wheels with car transmission in park, and could spin either rear wheel with ...

...steering wheel. Due to the spinning of the steerring wheel. This is a wound up flex circuit, and they can break. Sounds like yours has an issue. It's located behind the steering wheel and air

...was on the sidewall. So i figure that was the only wheel spinning. Whats wrong with my AWD system? No noise driving at all. Quite as a church mouse. check your transmission fluid level may be

2009 xt forester grinding noise when engaging clutch and stalling Are all 4 tires and wheels the same size??? (will bind the driveline up) You could have a bad differential or transfer case. Jack up ...

Why does only one front tire spln in snow when crossing a highway?with a subaru forrester 2009 2.5 touring AWD the wheels that loose traction will spin and the ones that grab will move the car. some ...

...spinning. all wheel drive is not 4 wheel drive there is a diff in the transmission that supplies power equally to the front and read wheels when traction is lost on a drive set , the other set will ...

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