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Question about 2005 Equinox

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EXCELERATION NOISE AT AROUND 70 KMS THE FRONT END STARTS A HUMMING SOUND THAT VIBRATES SLIGHTLY Hi there the only hing i can suggest is that you have your wheel bearings checked this can be done by ...

Ad hurry to a mechanic? No T/C stands for traction control all it does is keep your back tires from spinning on wet surfaces. I turn my off. All it does is slow the motor down so your wheels if they ...


Question about 2007 Equinox LS New Cars

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stibilatrak light comes on and I lose power.. lot of snow on the roads and very cold temps for a week now....what is going on??????????/ will come on and has went off 2 times but ccame back on tonite.

Question about 2006 Equinox

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...control. It will light up when your onboard computer slows down the wheels to prevent them from spinning. You will usually see this when driving on ice/slippery

Question about 2007 Equinox LS New Cars

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traction control button 2007 ls equinox what does the traction control button do? its controls wheel spin for ur all wheel or two wheel nox if the wheels start to spin it limits [cuts down the power ...

The "star" brake adjuster on a chevy equinox is The "star" brake adjuster on a chevy equinox is pretty much setup to spin it one way. The teeth on it are flat on one side and rounded on the ...

I have a 2005 Equinox. The abs and tc light are on. Also there is an occaisional sound and vibration when I press on the brakes going at a slow rate of speed. The local Chevy dealer test drove the ...

2005 equinox awd wont go into 4 wheel when the front tires break loose usually when the front tires spin the back tires kick in , well they won't. The front tires just sit and spin on a snow covered ...

when do u use the traction control button on 2005 chevy equinox ? i don,t know when to use the traction control button Traction control is for safety. It reduces wheel spin. When it is turned on it is

My horn isn't working on a Chevy equinox but it's a new horn. What could be wrong with it..and my cruise control don't qork. Is it my steering wheel? Was Cruise Control working before the New Horn was

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