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Question about 2004 Golf

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2004 vw gti oem radio (tall) how to i remove the oem radio (tall cupholder above) from the dash...? do i need a special tool or can i modify a buter knife to do the trick... bmw master ...


lossing power after 20 mins at high speed my golf gt tdi losses power after 20 mins at high speed,the revs stay on 3000 and gradually drop speed.afta been parked up n then re drive it is ok what cud ...


1997 golf cl 1.8 L Starts ok then dies. ok above 1900 rpm 1997 golf cl 1.8 L Starts then stops. If you rev it past 1900 rpm then it will run fine and wont stop. It will not run for very long at idle ...

4speed gearbox slipping on a 2ltr motor on a golf 1 i recently changed my vw chico 1.3 motor for a 2ltr 8 valve motor and left the 4 speed gear box in. i would like to modify the gear box so it doesnt

Can't find 5th gear on my Jetta gearbox Recently installed a new second hand 5 speed gearbox on my Jetta 2. For some reason can't find 5th gear, feels like it's a 4 speed gearbox, took it back to the ...

Question about 1994 Golf

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1994 BMW head rest How do I remove the head rest from a 1994 bmw 318i ? I'm trying to put seat covers on and cannot seem to get these off. there should be a sliding button just where the pole of the ... the warning message on a 2008 Volkswagen Golf that now pops up every time the car goes above 30 kph? I would take the vehicle for a diagnostic, its quite possible you have a faulty speed

my 2000 golf 4 cannot reach top speed Hi, my 2000 golf 4 has a total speed of about 260km/h but whenever i put the pedal to the metal, it could only reach up to about 190km/h. i need help as to why it

Question about 2000 Golf

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1988 BMW 528 E. plz inform cost of waterpump and timing belt Here in Georgia, from O'Reilly's auto parts The water pump will cost, $45.oo to $65.oo. depends on which one you want or which warranty. ...

vehicle overheating, cooling fans appear to be inop. no fuse for fans sounds like you need a tempreture censor switch that turnes the fan on if the fan doesnt com on you can i dont tell every one this

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