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Question about Optio S45 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...sound. What is this? I saw tiny holes in the front and camera side, so I guess that they are the mic and the speaker, but since that model can also used as a 'tape recorder, I'm not completeley sure. ...


Question about Optio S4i Digital Camera

4 Answers

...and everything is fine except the video mode. The problem is viewing the video in ACDsee. There is sound, but the picture is not displayed. Only a few green static lines appear. Is there something ...


Question about Optio MX4 Digital Camera

1 Answer

can't take image with my optio mx4 My optio mx4 can't take image i can only record sound and LCD display a black screen, i dont know what is the problem, i remember that i've changed my SD with a mini

Question about Optio A20 Digital Camera

5 Answers

Pentax Optio A20 in playback mode shows 'no image/sound' when I know there are 70 pictures on the memory card as I have just downloaded them at Kodak Express for printing. How do I deal with this ...

Question about Optio 33LF Digital Camera

1 Answer

have a mic or any sound recording mechanism at all. I used a mp3 music player and recorder to record the sound while recording images with the camera and bonded them together by video edition software

Question about Optio E40 Digital Camera

1 Answer

...or abnormal colors, scratchy purple lines, blank or black pictures, and/or black videos with good sound being recorded on the camera's flash card.A CCD problem would explain the lines on your ...

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