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Question about UN55C7000 55 in. TV

1 Answer

sound but no picture This Samsung UN55C7000 should be under warranty! Or you are not asking about this model? No pictures on ALL inputs? Please clarify.


Question about UN40C5000 TV

1 Answer

...sound but no picture on my Samsung UN40C5000 solution step 1 : at first test your fly back transformer step 2 : A.C. transformer test or out put voltage measurement step 3: test your video I.C. Send ...


Question about Un55d6050 TV

1 Answer

...sound just picture and will shut itself off. you might need a fix it kit some mother boards e prom go bad seen this a lot i have a 32 Samsung doing that same thing check ebay with the number of the ...

Question about UN32C6500 32 in HDTVReady LCD TV

1 Answer

...picture be solid gray from a bad T-CON? I would be willing to donate a small sum to whomever helps me repair this issue. Thanks, David Do you have sound? If you have sound and if the TV is responding ...

SAMSUNG UN32EH4003F POWER LIGHT COMES ON BUT NO PICTURE OR SOUND Your tv is in stand by mode and not responding to power on command. It may be a main board issue. Please consult someone qualified.

picture full size? I would go through the menu settings on your cable box, because from what you have said, the TV doesn't sound like the source of the problem. If you have to, call your cable service

...picture setting to UHD. i forgot to disconnect the hdmi cable before doing this. after the setting was changed i could not get any sound from the cable (tv shows). the tv sounds work fine and the ...

...sound works fine and the back lights are on but no picture or on screen display. I can't find ANYBODY to work on it since it's out of warranty. Look at the T-Con board. It is located in the center of ...

sound. no backlight or picture. replaced power supply Hi John, Back light failure is a common problem in these sets and power supply replacement is not the solution. It is repairable, but may cost you

...sound but no picture. Just happened this afternoon. Sounds like a t con problem based on searches. Am I right, and how hard is it to replace? It could be the t con board, the power supply board, the ...

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