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Question about 2002 Camry Solara

1 Answer

fuel grade I just purchased a 2002 Solara, but the car doesn't have an owners manual. Can you tell me what grade of gasoline is recomended for the v6? Thanks. Rick Your Solara requires 89 octane ...


Question about 2005 Camry Solara

2 Answers

belt or chain on 2005 solara do I need to replace the timing belt or chain on my 2005 solara convertibel, and what mileage should I do this? The 3.3 litre Solara V6 has a timing belt. This belt is ...


On a 1999 toyota Solara all flashers work; but turn signals don't On a 1999 toyota Solara all flashers work; however, both left and right turn signals do not. What's the problem? flasher reley is ...

hi i accidently touched two wires on my tail lights for my solara and the tail lights dont work. where is the fse box located for a 2005 solara heres adiagram check the circled fuses, the fuse/relay ...

does the toyota camry 2000 and the toyota camry solara 2000 have the same engine? Almost the same, minor differences. The Camry has two engine options, the 2.2 4-cyl and the 3.0 V6. The Solara comes ...

Question about 2000 Camry Solara

4 Answers

body damage back right wheel 2000 solara I have a 2000 toya solara it , got hit on passenger side tire, it,may have bent frame ,engine run perfect, new brkes 93k, what should i do with it? the junk ...

Toyota solara 2006. Replace fuse for cigarette Toyota solara 2006. Replace fuse for cigarette lighter. Which one is it in the fuse box? 20 amp

no gas getting to engine in 1999 toyota camry solara no fuel is getting to engine 1999 toyota solara wen i press the gas it shuts of it has a 2,2 4cyl engine

Question about 2008 Camry Solara

1 Answer

Where is high beam fuse for Toyota solara I have a 2007 Solara. The high beam indicator shows the high beams on but they are not. If there a high beam fuse? If so, what would it be labeled in the fuse

Question about 2005 Camry Solara

1 Answer

2006 toyota solara code p0325 location of knock sensor . 2006 toyota solara 2.4 engine . ON ENGINE BLOCK BELOW THE HEAD & EXHAUST MANIFOLD ON SOME VEHICLES.

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