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...the driver's door upon approach. It does unlock the passenger door with the same smart key. Any thoughts? Does the car lock open with the switch on the door? If it does not, it is not the


smart key lock/unlock function I just bought a used '06 E350 and the smart key will not lock/unlock doors; however the trunk function opens? Doesn't sound like the batterys flat in the remote Probably


smart key wont unlock vehicle to get in. i set my alarm and went to get into my car and now the smart key wont unlock vehicle to get in. Hello... Sounds like the smart key needs to be reprogrammed. ...

Question about 2008 fortwo

1 Answer

smart for two cabrio boot stuck Can hear electric motor of boot whirring but when you press the unlock section boot won't physically open Pay MB £200 to fix it! Did your rear wash start leaking ...

Question about 2008 fortwo

1 Answer is 2002, I'm having weird problems with locking and unlocking my car. Both keys gave new batteries and recoded. Problem is my car will sometimes lock and unlock then sometimes won't lock. Will ... car im locked out OUCH! Hope you got in by now!  you can try a coat hanger from the top of the door to reach the door handle. Some cars unlock when you pull on the inside handle. if you ...

Hyundai veracruz smart key not working The lock/unlock buttons do not work after changing the battery in the smart key battery for smart key

Question about 2006 ForTwo Cabriolet

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locksmith can unlock immobilazer? can locksmith unlock the immobilazer to my smart fortwo? Doubt that very much , as Smart has a very strong security on it

...Smart keys to lock, unlock or open truck. The red lights blink on the keys but no response from the car. Am I missing a resetting step that's causing this or is it something else, any help is ...

...unlock the radio grunding for my smart car I have serial nr MC341631216445.Can anybody to unlock the safe mode from raio grunding Thanks Safe mode means that you have tried many times with the wrong ...

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