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Question about 1995 FZR 600

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What is this relay for? What does the 3en-81950-00 relay do? What is it responsible for? I can't find a diagram online showing all that is tied to it. Any ideas? Hi and welcome to FixYa, If I remember


I have a 1991 Yamaha FZR 600. One day I went out to my bike after not driving it for four days and the oil indicator showed no oil and yet there was none on the ground? I put a quart in and drove it ...

Ad liters thanks for any help hi buddy add 440mls of medium fork oil to it and go onthis site to show you how to strip them ...

Question about 1994 FZR 600

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tach showing code 0/8 Hi, Whit4family for more information about your question and valuable "FREE" downloads that you will need please click on the websites below. Good luck and have a nice day. ...

...over 1300 manuals for free download. It may take 20 seconds or so to build the entire list. They show your model but you can't be sure of the year without doing a download. By the way, The service ...

...talking about the oil filler plug, When you open oil filler plug normally you will see a dipstick showing how much oil is in the crankcase, if not, find an oil level window near foot clutch lever

my 93 fzr600, starts easy but when you give it gas it idols high ( like its choked) and takes 2-5 seconds to come back to normal. hesitates when you rev it up. ran great last year. i changed the oil ...

Question about 1990 FZR 600

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rev counter not working This shows that a variable current is being given to the rev counter as it should beCheck all connections for dirt , corrosion  & fastness especially the rev counter ...

...main fuse with an ammeter that will measure 40 amps or more. Replace small fuses till ammeter shows a larger current draw. If this doesn't show problem, the problem is in the starter or

How hot should the voltage regulator get? Mine gets to hot to touch.Is that a problem and what will cause that They do get warm that is why they have finning to work as a heat sink. If the wires going

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