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...IP phones. They have dissolved their relationship with the firm that was handling the telecom administration and they are not able to provide any documentation detailing their environment. It's a ...


Question about 2501 Router

1 Answer ip int brief This will show you the available interfaces and type.If you want to create on Fa0/0 for example the config will be as follows: On configuration mode type Interface fa0/0.[vlan Id] ...


...the ethernet cable to the ip phone. I checked the switch interfaces on these ports and it shows line & protocol down. The same port starts working when i plug the ethernet cable into the

Phone showing new messages but there aren't Phone showing new messages but there are not any Try unplugging the phone from the power or POEthernet cable and waiting a minute and then plugging it back ...

TFTP file not found shows up when i try to reboot the phone It tries to configure and shows; TFTP file not found. The phone was unplugged for about 10 days, now it wont work. The computer is hooked up

show ip interface to find the name of the interface you want to set port forwarding for. The show ip nat translations command shows you the current port forwards on Router. Type configure to enter the

...mode exec user Router) ping ip show ip route show version traceroute ip mode exec priveligiado show arp show interface show protcols show ip protocols show startup-config erase startup-config ...

Question about 7940 IP Phone

1 Answer

...ip phone 7940 as sip ip phone.when i power up the phone ,it can get ip from network,but finally,it shows "TFTP timeout"in display led.All the buttons can not be used.What does it mean ...

Question about 870 SERIES IOS Router

1 Answer

On a pc connected run arp it will give you a list of connected devices. One may be the router. Use the serial connection on the router and run "show ip int brief" it will give you all the defined ips

Question about SPA504G IP Phone

1 Answer

we cannot get the 504g will not broadcast its caller ID. it only shows 'restricted'. why won't it display correctly. change the configuration in your IP Phone change the setting to allow ...

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