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Question about 2000 Alero

1 Answer chip in it, it possible that ur ignition switch isnt reading that chip right away. i mean as long as u can get ur car started try and not get too worried about it. it is possible that ur ...

Ad light keeps coming on and the car wont start and the battery isnt dead just had the starter and fuel injetion pump replace you might have to get another key from your dealership.each key is ...


...SECURITY LIGHT STOPS FLASHING. WHAT CAN WE DO TO FIX THIS? Does the ignition key have a chip? If so, then the chip and or key is dirty. Carefully clean the key and around the chip. Be careful not to ...

Question about 2000 Alero

1 Answer light is blinking.try to started but light keep blinking,car did not start. ten minutes later car started.friends say take it to delarship and fix the chip in the ignation key. that the ... passcode issue. There is a chip inside the ignition and if your key does not have a chip in it, this is probably the problem. You can bypass the security lock feature but its a pain in the ...

Question about 2004 Alero

3 Answers

security light go off turn off switch 5 seconds then try starting vechicle. Check the Main Relay and it's fuse. Hope this helps. It doesn't have a chip it has a pass lock. this is really common it had

...a FOB style ? Or have a security chip in it ? Did this happen after you replaced the battery. Some cars need to have a lot of electrical components reset if power is interrupted ( battery removal ) code. there are 2 clips and then 2 wires, it appears that i would have to cut the 2 wires to get it out. Would it be easier to just change the actual tumblers out? Not sure I follow your ...

security light is always on. CAn it be turned off? it will turn on if the ignition key has not chip otherwise take car to the dealer mine did the same thing then eventually it wouldn't start and I was

how to reset security light car runs fine take car o the dealer or make sure start key has the chip

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