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...idle is sometimes rough and will stall when throttle is opened.Acts like a vacume leak but none can be found.Local garage says its the idle air control motor ($450) because ther were a couple of ...


Suzuki Baleno (esteem) 1999. Engine Idle RPM not stable I am running my suzuki baleno (esteem) 1999 (1.3 CC) on Petrol and CNG. The problem is that usually the RPM are not stable at engine idle state.


2000 Suzuki esteem wagon, rpms race when car is rolling Car idles normally, at 750 RPMs, but if it is moving faster than 4 MPH, the idle increases to 1700 to 2500 Rpms. This also happens if the car is

First started with idle droping to stall. Now the idle is cycling up to 2000 rpm every few seconds. I am thinking it should be the idle control valve or the computer that controls the idle control ...

High Idle problem on 2001 Esteem 1.6L During idle engine revs at over 1500 rpm, but runs fine during driving. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, JG Try cleaning your mass airflow sensor ...

What should be the ideal reading in ohms for the oxygen sensor, since my 1997 suzuki esteem stalls at street corners; it seems unable to keep the motor idling...Could be another sensor (idle?), and ...

Question about 2002 Esteem

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My cars Idle RPM often remains high in the range of 1500 - 2000 and ocassionally Check Engine light comes on, However Check Engine Light dissapear as soon as cars moves on engine power. Did some one ...

Question about 1999 Esteem

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...rough idle issues and problem troubleshooting,go through the help links provided below :----- van idles rough? ...

Rough Idle 1998 Chevy Cavalier What could be the problem? stopped up fuel filter, fuel lines clogged, or fuel pump in the gas tank is going bad.

Question about 2000 Esteem

1 Answer

check engine light is on code 505 idle control malfunction . try replacing idle air controller, mounted on throttle body. disconnect battery first.

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