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Question about 2000 Grand Am GT

1 Answer

2000 Grand Am rough idle it has 84000 miles. when in gear idles rough, when in park doesn't idle as rough. check vacuum hoses


Question about 2000 Grand Am GT

2 Answers

Rough Idle 2000 grand am, 85,000. i've put a new fuel filter, had it checked and they said it was missing so i replaced plugs and wires, didn't help. then was told had a vacuum leak on fuel injector, ...


Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

1 Answer

...idle real rough and the rpm's will go real high them back down to normal then high agian the check engine light will come on then after about 3 starts the light will go out but every morning the same ...

...rough idle and rough running I have a 2002 grand am 4 cylinder that starts hard and idles and runs rough it sounds like a egr vlave but autozone said there is no egr on this engine what could be ...

...Rough Idle In Drive Only Runs good with plenty of power when driving. Runs smooth at an idle when in Park, Neutral and Reverse. Only runs rough at an idle in drive. I had the same problem with '99 GA ...

Rough Idle In Drive Only the car runs finewhile you are driving and idles fine in Park, Neutral and reverse but when it is in drive it runs rough or vibrates. It doesn't quit running, just feels rough

...when i come to a stop and a rough idle i changed the tps Idle air control valve would be my next bet , the TPS usually just makes it rough on acceleration. Is it rough on acceleration(loss of power)

...your rough idle if you have engine light on I had the same problem with my pontaic gran am se 2.4l. The small vacuum hose near the fuel filter dry rotted,cause the car to idle and stop at red

Rough idle? car will not idle? Erratic idle speed? -------- High rpm in neutral? Inconsistant high RPM in neutral?

Question about 2002 Grand Am

1 Answer

rough idle and shutting off Its slow to get up to speed and sputters out at a stop when the heat is on, it also idles really rough. What is the problem and the solution? First ,check all vacume lines ...

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