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rough when being restarted after reaching full operating temp.The hotter the ambient temp outside the worse the problem.The cooler the less.Engine will begin to smooth out and idle more normally after


...idle brain often idles 1500-2000rpm range. 1997 Tbird, 95K miles, 4.6 litre. Often idles in the 1500-2000rpm range, runs rough, misfires, etc. I've followed reset procedures but doesn't last long. ...


i have a 1990 thunderbird sc just rebuilt eng idles rough & misfi i have a 1990 thunderbird sc we just rebuilt the engine had the heads ported pollished the heads were port matched to the intake ...

rough and at low idle. Found intake manifold leaking. Replaced gasket and now it runs ROUGHER and all the time. Shakes pretty harshly at low rpms, smoothes out at highway speeds. However it has plenty

Question about 1996 Thunderbird LX

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...sensor. If it's a low up and down idle and runs rough it is mass air flow meter. If you unplug the mass airflow meter and it will just low idle (no up & down) then the mass air flow meter is

my 1997 ford thunderbird stalls, idles rough, backfires, and has trouble accelerating My thunderbird stall while idling, idles rough, has trouble accelerating and backfires when you accelerate (which ...

Question about 1997 Thunderbird LX

1 Answer

blue smoke and idel's rough the car runs great it is a rough idle,and blue smoke blue smoke is oil burning, it is call blow by, where oil gets by the valve seals and burns

rough idle cold or warmed up,runs great on highway 1991 tbird 3.8 auto runs fine under load or on hwy exellent mpg but at a stop it runs rough .I put it in nuetral with light gas pedal and its fine ...

...rough idle in any gear...sounds loud. Almost feels as if the engine is shaking It just started all of a sudden. We had an oil leak, but we fix that. Then 2 days later the car starts hard, with an ...

...rough idle. I can floor it and the idle goes away. You don't clean O2 sensors , if bad you replace them . An only if there is a DTC - diagnostic trouble code or you check out O2 sensor performance ...

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