Questions & Answers for: Buick Century rough idle

Ad of the Emission sensors is faulty that may cause the rough idle. The oxygen sensor, tempearture sensor, MAP sensor,...etc. You may have a trusted mechanic attempt to read any codes on the


Engine is running rough when idling and sitting still at stops etc. I have a 1998 Ford Explorer, V8, all wheel drive. I just had new back brakes and new tires as well as new shocks put into this truck


...rough and stutters - so cat converter might break again soon. What is the reason? Your cat should last quite a while now it is replaced. I recommend testing coil packs and module. Change plugs and ...

Question about 2002 Century

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Idle is rough and using alot of gas. Replaced the EGR lastnight and it's still acting up. Any ideas? On the air intake hoss is a Mass Air Flow Sensor inline with the hose. Take a small peice of wood, ...

...idle a little rough. one other thing-when i remove the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator the idle totally smoothes out. Is there raw fuel coming out of the hose or regulator . These ...

...rough sputtering Try cleaning the throttle body open the throttle all the way and use a tooth brush with carb cleaner clean it good then wipe it out with a clean rag. Start the car might have to ...

Question about 1994 Century

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...rough, so I took out the IAC valve and noticed it was not working. I cleaned it with electrical cleaner and then tested it again and it worked. While I was at it, I also cleaned the MAF sensor. Now, ...

Question about 1998 Century

1 Answer

Engine runs rough when idling Replaced head gasket and engine idles rough and has poor gas economy. Check the firing order, The push rod has 2 differnent sizes for intake and exhaust, If they get ...

rough idle could be anything. Did you inspect the spark plug wires thoroughly to make sure there were not damaged? Did you drain the old gas and replace it with new? Are are you getting a check engine

Question about 1996 Century

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rough idle smooth accleration idles rough just sitting there when taking off smooth acceleration Check your vacuum lines and be sure your throttle body is tightened down. Carb cleaner spray can be ...

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