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...roaring noise, brake light bought used, 140,000 miles, when driving on highway makes roaring noise and noise stops when you accelerate. also brake! light comes on and stays on. 3 suggestions for you, ...


Question about 2003 Century

1 Answer

roaring noise my 2007 Buick rendzvous has a load roaring noise in the front end, no vibration or pulling This is your radiator fan... it willl pull air through when it is needed to keep your engine ...


...roaring noise should be a wheel bearing. Jack up the rear wheels and spin the tires by hand. You can hear a grinding noise if the noise inside the car is as load as you state.. The only other noise ...

...roaring/whining" noise on my RT. I have a wierd "roaring/whining" noise on my RT. Sounds likes it coming from the rear of the truck and gets lounder the faster i go. ANY IDEAS possibly a ...

Question about 2000 Bravada

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roaring noise all the time, then your muffler probably has a hole in it, time to get a new full or partial exhaust pipe. If the noise goes when it changes gear, then you've probably got a gear box

Question about 2006 6 s

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...but I guess its possible to do it the other way. A tire will make a roaring noise too. I can't think of anything related to the engine that would roar only on a turn except maybe the power

Question about 2006 6 s

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chrysler town country noise hi, I have a 2001 chrysler town and country. when heater is on it will roar and I have to put it in neutral and restart. sometimes it roars without heater on and I have to ...

...roaring noise when it cranks and driving. noise will fade out the more you accelerate. I was told by a mechanic that they all do it. is this true or do you roaring noise when idled stops when ...

front right wheel making loud roaring noise roaring loud wheel front right Hi Linda loud roaring noise means the wheel bearing failed and have to be change. Good Luck

...roaring noise it started today i saw the a/c light blinking so i pushed it and it started making a roaring noise the blinking indicates a/c didnt engage / not working the roar can be the clutch went ...

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