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Update to MS Outlook 2003 causes Hotsync error Following several years of successful use and hotsyncing, my company had us upgrade to MS Office 2003 and thus I am now using Outlook 2003. I now receive

Ad used on the PDA. When you start syncing to two computers, the Windows conduit will start to complain. Just tell it that you know, and clean up the mess by yourself. Which is only one of the ...

Ad in palm on my desktop but seem to be unable to rectify this. Any suggestions? In order to remove the username from your Palm m505 you need to go into memo pad, create a new document, now the ...

Question about Treo 650 Handheld

1 Answer

remove old palm file to download newer version and get error 0x80040702 and can't get old palm program to delete from programs failed to load dill: hsapi fatal error during installation. install disk,

Question about Z22 Handheld

3 Answers

...remove any dirt. then do a hard reset -- worked for my z22 c boekema I would say a new ditiger is needed. I had another brand that did the same as you describe. Ditigizer fixed it. good place to find ...

Question about Tungsten E2 (Multilingual) Handheld

1 Answer

Remove user name on Tungsten E I have a Palm Tungsten E that I want to give to a friend because I am upgrading to a TX. I have done a hard reset and erased all my info on the unit. However when we try

Question about Treo 755p Smartphone

1 Answer

how do you hard reset on palm treo 755 Hard resets on a 755p are described in the user's guide as removing the battery (with the phone off, and screen off), and then pressing the Navigator-UP button ... 'palm,' but does nothing. What do I do? if you just reset it you can press orange+sym+r and itll restart... thats what i do Remove the battery and let it sit for about 10 mins none of these has ... to do that, can you please help connect the phone with pc . u'll get the access to mem card as removeable drive in MY computer. itunes is just a software to play/ manage those songs. the songs

Question about Tungsten E2 (Multilingual) Handheld

1 Answer just keeps asking me to hit the center of the target Disconnect Treo from charger, if connected.Remove the battery cover and then the battery.Press and hold the UP arrow button on the 5 way ...

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