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Question about 1992 Loyale

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i need to change the relay in my 93 subaru! which relay ? probably under the hood you will find a box with all the relays in it and if you turn the lid upside down you will see which one


...still work?) This is a problewm I have been researching. On the 91 Loyale there are two headlight relays. The relay for the left headlight also controls the instrument lights and the running


1991 Subaru fuel pump relay switch location Where can I locate the fuel pump relay switch on my 91 subaru royale and what does the relay look like. The fuel pump in the rear of my car makes ticking ...

relay location on my 1992 Subaru Loyale Wagon? Where in the bloody hell is that damn thing located? Precisely please, I've torn the whole dash apart! Front seating area, driver side, under dash, above

Where is the fuel pump located on a '91 Subaru Loyal Wagon Welcome to, Fuel pump is in the tank, Regards, Lee Davidian FUEL PUMP EITHER REAR OF VECHICLE BOLTED TO THE VECHICLE FRAME OR IN ...

...round. Another relay was on the bracket next to it. The fuel pump relay is way up under the dash on the drivers side. It's green and should be to the left of a brown one and neutral colored

Question about 1990 Loyale

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work and the fuse is fine, where do I start to look for the cause??? I would check the power window relay in the relay/fuse block in the engine compartment behind the battery. Once you find the relay,

2007 ford focus headlight relay location i am trying to locate the low beam headlight relay i have the same prob low and hi dont work changed relay, checked fuses... i have power at the relay (LB)

...pump relay located? The fuel pump relay is driver side, under dash, above brake pedal, mounted in steering column support bracket on 1991 Loyale this relay also performs an ignition system ...

...coil still no spark Had the exact same problem and went through the whole dance. Traced problem to relay under the dash , combination ignition/fuel pump relay. The relay was "clicking" but was ...

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