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Question about Office Equipment & Supplies

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white perminantly. if it is a DLP projector then the DMD on the engine is likely bad or the main board is bad. The white things are pixels. its not a pixel problem,its dust inside on the mirror how do


...and white spots flickering while it is projecting on the screen there is a lot of spots onley started with tree spots now meney The DLP chip is going bad. You are better off buying a new


Question about EX240U Projector

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White spots on the screen Using a Mitsubishi EX240U and I am getting white spots all over the screen. The projector is only about a year old. need new dlp chip.

Question about PROJECTOR, SHARP XR55X

1 Answer image from my projector SHARP XR-55X? 1,white spots appeared on screen,means the DMD is broken,you need a new DMD. USD200 any questions, feel free to ask me have a nice day! Jerry Lampdeng ...

Question about DLP Projector Multimedia Projector

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I have a NEC NP110 and it has white spots that show up on the screen. There are dozens of white spots this could be dust, or dried water spots from moisture

...projector has black and white spots covering 1/3 of projected image the problem started with a few black and white spots and continues to spread everytime i use the projector. i had the projector 3 ...

...projector in my class but projects white spots on the screen which are multiplying day by day. Has anybody solved this problem ??? White spots on the screen which are multiplying every day. 1,white ...

Question about M209X Ultra Mobile Projector Projector

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white spots on screen on dell m209x projector how do i fix ? I have a Dell M209x Projector that operates great other then the white spots that have begun to pop up. There are now numerous spots and it

...projector XR-32S-L.There are white spots in the screen. What should I do to remove it? How can I clean the white spots in the screen. Is is due to dust or any other problem? white spot in image is ...

...White spots from a projector is a sign the LCD inside has burned the liquid out of that area. Only fix is to replace the LTD inside the projector if you can find one. Most Projectors cost is the lamp ...

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