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Question about Tecra 8100 Notebook

4 Answers charge the battery first? does the LED blink if you wiggle the ac cord? do you get any beep codes? Is there a pattern to the blinking? I'm assuming your talking about the power on LED


Question about Tecra M2-S730 Notebook

1 Answer

Toshiba Tecra M2 Series The laptop suddenly stopped working. It is plugged in, but the power light on the front panel just blinks. The computer does not boot or start. And yes, I pushed the start ...


hi my laptop wouldn't start up so I bought a new battery and it still wont start up. I can get the power light and the battery light so I don't think it's the power cord I can pull out battery adn ...

Question about Tecra 8200 PT820U-OFG8C801 Notebook

1 Answer

will not turn on have toshiba tecra8200 the power light is blinking amber and computer will not power up Hi there. Try taking the battery out and turn it on using the AC power only.

Question about Tecra M10 Notebook

1 Answer

...power supply microprocessor detects a malfunction, the DC IN LED blinks orange. The blink pattern indicates an error as shown below. q Start Off for 2 seconds q Error code (8 bit) "1" On for one ...

...power to wireless router. 3. Ensure you have green lights across both devices, specifically, the recieved and sent lights. These same lights will tend to blink rapidly when there is active data, at ...

Question about Tecra A7-S712 Notebook

1 Answer

...forgot to turn it off, (It was on the entire night). When she found it, it was turned off with the power light indicator off, but it was still connected to the powersuply. When she tries to turn it ...

Question about Tecra S1 Notebook

1 Answer telling you that your battery is low or dead.  If it does not recharge when you have the power cord plugged in then either the Power Cord is bad and not charging the battery, or the

...after several days, it won't start at all.. Only blinking LED power supply indicator again and again.. 5 blink fast, 1 pre-blink, and 1 loooong blink.. the laptop does not support ac ...

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