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Question about 2001 DeVille

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...sensor shouldn't be too hard yourself but have the car computer spit out an error code and see if P0335, P0336, P0385, or P0386 come up. Let me know how this goes and good luck It could be a loose ...


My cadillac deville has the following engine codes when hooed up: P0106, P0121, P0171, P0174, P0335, P0340, P0385, P0442, P0506, P0506, P0507, P0601. click on the below links for code details. P0106 ...


Question about 1992 DeVille

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change oxygen sensor I need to locate where the oxygen sensor is on my 92 cadillac coupe deville Under hood, center, front engine area, above exhaust pipe flange, mounted in exhaust manifold ...

...over but will not start. What could the problem possibly be? Could be a CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensor) circuit problem. What codes do you have stored on the computer that an obd-II scanner can

Question about 2003 Deville

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EGR Sensor The EGR is not the sensor but a valve that is operated by the Power Control Module to regulate the amount of exhaust gases gets dumped back into the fuel / air mix and back into the ...

Question about 2001 DeVille

1 Answer

...CKP) sensor is a three wire sensor based on the magneto resistive principle. A magneto resistive sensor uses two magnetic pickups between a permanent magnet. As an element such as a reluctor wheel ...

CKP sensor A is at fault, DTC P0335 will set. The PCM will switch from angle based mode to Time Based mode B using CKP sensor B signal input. Diagnostic Aids If the condition is intermittent, refer to

Question about 2000 DeVille

1 Answer

h2o bank 2 sensor 1 location need the location of bank2 sensor location Bank and sensor location. Bank 1 refers to the back of cylinders that contain cylinder #1. Bank two refers to the other bank of ...

...sensor voltage is more than 0.9 volts, inspect the throttle body and accelerator cables for binding. • Inspect for the proper operation of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Refer to Exhaust ...

HOW DO I INSTALL A TPS ON MY 2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE 4.6 ENGINE? Throttle Position Sensor Replacement Remove the idle air control (IAC) electrical connector (1) from the IAC sensor (4). Remove the ...

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