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Question about 2000 Galant

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radio reset I own a mitsubishi galant 2000, my battery died, fixed it, then enter wrong codes for my radio, so it locked itself. retrieved the right codes later. How do I get my radio to ask for codes


...error code 303? I have replaced Wireset,Spark plugs, Coil is good. Not sure what is the problem. Can you please assist me? Thanks was the code P0303 ? if so it indicates- Cylinder 3 Misfire ...


Question about 2001 Galant

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radio code not working i have tried a new code after i had my battrey changed it says err by mitake i entred the wrong code now i found the right code n now its not working.pls help me leave key in ...

Radio code needed for 01 Mitsubishi Diamante I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Diamante. I had to jump the vehicle today. When the vehicle started back up, the radio read Code:. After researching, we found ...

...code came on P0340 and P0303.. I would like to know if I fix P0303 cylinder 3 misfire.. Will P0340 go away or there are 2 totally diff problems? should I replace spark plug wires and plugs? do I need ...

i need a code to unlock my car radio for 2002 mitsubishi galant take you vin number to amitsubishi dealer if its the orignal radio he will be able to get it for y See hear : ...

4G64 engine light is on - computer output code. Is it possible to check the engine computer for a fault code using a multi meter? Where do you plug the meter into and what do the codes refer to? sorry

i changed the battery and now the radio is locked and asking for codes for 2001 mitsubishi galant This code should be with manualy for car in the glove box and should be on a card the size of a credit

Question about 2003 Galant

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code p0303 has good spark and fuel. compression on all cylinders 120. replaced spark plugs, wires, ignition coils, injectors, fuel and air filter and still have misfire on cylinder 3. what will fix my

2003 galant de is stuck in limp mode,it also has was hooked to a scan tool and it came up the solenoid but they were replaced,after the transmission was reinstalled the check engine light ...

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