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Question about Mercury Cougar

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...speed sensor. what is this and where is it located. i drive a 2000 cougar our speedometer, and cruise dont work that a sensor at the end of trasmission it send voltage to the dash and you no what ...


Question about 2002 Cougar

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speed sensor replacement The speed sensor is installed in the vertical position from the top with the pin in a downward position. My pin broke off inthe transmission, and being non-magnetic metal, how


Question about 2000 Cougar

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speed sensor how to change the vehicle speed sensor on 99 mercury cougar? where is located the vehicle speed sensor on 99 mercury cougar? You will have to get to it probably from under the car it will

Question about 1996 Cougar XR7

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Speed Sensor. I have a 96 cougar. The speed sensor has gone out so the mechanic said. He put a new one in so he said. It lasted two months. I put two more in and they don't work either. The o/d light ...

...output speed sensor circut malfunction and po402=exhaust gas recirclation excessive defected i need to know exactly what the parts are called for these problems where they are located on the car i ... have a 'speed sensor' issue. They are used by the transmission and speedometer to determine when to shift and display the speed. A dealer/mechanic can diagnose what sensor needs replaced. GL, ...

Question about 2001 Cougar

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...position sensor to the computer telling the this idle speed control to ramp the RPMs'. Changing the idle speed control should fix the problem, if not I would change the throttle position

I was riding on the thruway the speedometer needle dropped and the car did not want change from the 3rd and over? what can this be? the speed sensor give the pcm speed no speed = no shift hope it ...

...on the car I would check the trany fluid level ASAP before the trany is no good and if the problem still persits try replaceing the output speed sensor. which should be on the trany with 2 or 3

...Output Shaft Speed sensor The output shaft speed sensor inputs a signal to the PCM, based on the speed of the output shaft of the transmission. The PCM compares this signal with the signal of the VSS ...

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