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...oil the bobbin area and that the Activa 135 is a noisy machine. I don't recall it ever doing this before. I called another sewing store that sells your product, they say I am being hosed. I have ...

Ad serviced. If you are able to remove the side plate, you can oil it yourself with sewing machine oil. Oil any and all moving parts in that area. Otherwise, take it to a service tech to be


Question about CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

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...this machine? You do not oil computerized sewing machines. Take your machine to a Brother certified tech when it requires service. If you use the machine everyday, it should be serviced once a

Question about PS-1250 Pacesetter

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oil my machine? contact brother customer service about oiling the machine some sewing machine are self oiling from the factory, you need to ask brother customer service if your machine is oiled by you

oil my Brother xr-65 and if so, where? I can't find anything in the manual about oiling. go to the brother website and contact customer service and ask them, it's probably a self oiling sewing machine

...I had my machine serviced a few months ago, too. The guy that serviced the machine told me not to oil the machine, is that correct? look in your sewing machine manual, see if it mentions oiling

I have a manual ,but it doesn't address the problem . I've oiled & threaded the overlocker .The handle won't turn either way more than one turn and when I press the foot peddle nothing happens. ...

...the motor against the resistance could burn out your motor. Take it for service or consult your manual on how to clean and oil.; Use good quality sewing machine oil, NOT 3-in-1, WD40, or cooking

...serviced? needs serviced If yours is a mechanical machine (not computerized), it most likely needs oiling. Consult your manual and use only good quality sewing machine oil (NOT 3-in-1, WD-40,

my machine is squeaking as I sew (had it serviced only a month ago). How do I oil it? Baby Lock Ellure, Model ESL Perhaps you should take it back where it was serviced. The machine should have been ...

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