Questions & Answers for: Zebra Symbol will not boot up


Question about Symbol MC70 Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant Barcode Scanner

1 Answer

the backlight isn't turning on Hello, try to reset to device to deaut settings by clean boot files provided at website or send it for repair. In my opinion is this an hardware error


MK500 device goes off during power outage, when it comes back on, Everything is back to factory setting, is there a way to permanently save modified files on it? please help cold boot


Question about Symbol Technologies MC909X-G Series Barcode Scanner

3 Answers

couldn't get PM power status MC9090 On boot up, get error couldn't get PM power status, Says to close battery door, which is closed. And an error appears throughout the screen stating the ...

Question about Symbol MC3100 Wireless Mobile Computer Portable Terminal

2 Answers

cold boot rqd. i can't downgrade. message appear error update cold boot rqd. Here is the cold boot instructions: To perform a cold boot 28, 38 and 48-key keypad configurations: 1. Simultaneously press

Question about Symbol MC9090-K Portable Data Collector Terminal - P/N MC9090-KK0HJAFA6WR Barcode Scanner

3 Answers

windows except as Unknown device in the Device Manager. My second problem is that I tried to Cold reboot the device and it never happened, I tried both methods: 1. Press the primary battery release on

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