Questions & Answers for: Acer Aspire will not boot up


Question about Aspire 5720-6661 Notebook PC

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not boot and keeps powering down when I try to boot from the selection screen. Is this problem repairable without my original boot discs? Thank you You could boot, press the F8 while booting, and "IF"


Question about Aspire 5520-5908 Notebook

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not boot from cd or usb and hd is ACER 5520 will not boot from cd or usb and hd is formatted, what can i do? IN THE BIOS SETUP. SET THE BOOT ORDER AS FIRST BOOT DEVICE CD ROM Try to enter BIOS utility


Question about Aspire 6930-6771 Laptop

1 Answer

...not boot to CD Rom. Unable to upload settings. can u c the boot sequence in the BIOS.... if yes make to boot it from CDROM insted of Floppy/HDD keep this boot seq. in BIOS 1 boot from CDROM 2 boot ...

Question about Aspire 5720 Notebook

1 Answer then look for boot options mmake sure they are under harddrive nvidia boot menu etc but not under dvd/cd or external then reboot should under normal circumstances fix the problem hope it helps

Question about Aspire 5315-2153 Notebook

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if the drive is undetectable then it will try the next boot option so if the problem is not with boot order then its possible your hard drive is not being detected pointing to a possible damaged drive

Question about Aspire 3690-2196 Notebook

1 Answer

...not boot Check cable connection..! PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM. No bootable Eevice -- Insert boot disk and press any key i put recover cd in all fresh now still will not boot changed Network boot ...

Question about Aspire 6920 Notebook PC

1 Answer

...not boot Notebook will not boot just keeps going into screen asking for safe boot etc. but no matter what keys or choice hit, it just keeps trying to boot. Tried alt f10 f12 etc. no use. Your OS is ...

...disk as the 2nd boot device.If you want to boot up with the USB then move the USB as the first device. If the USB is not listed as a boot device then it is not possible to boot up with an USB

Question about Aspire 7741z

1 Answer

not boot Did you reinstall windows? If not,  you need to put an operating system disk in the cd drive and boot from it and reinstall windows.  If you don't get an option to Press Any Key

...not boot from windows dvd tried to boot from windows cd chg boot order to cd in bios still will not boot you should still be able to boot from the windows disk. just out of curiosity did you save the ...

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