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Question about 1997 Pathfinder

3 Answers

timing belt on 2003 nissan pathfinder Dealership says it has a timing chain and is good for life of vehicle. true? timing belts and chains are 2 very diff things, belts are rubber and wear out in ...


Question about 1994 Pathfinder

1 Answer

timing belt does the 97 nissan pathfinder uses a belt or chain? The 97 Nissan Pathfinder has a timing belt which is going to average you around $30.


miles. and if you don't, then they will sell you a new engine when the belt brakes. It is all bottom line for them, not so much for you. location of timing marks . Nissan Navara ST 2.4 petrol dual cab

...maintenance schedule for replacing the timing belt in a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder? 2000 Was the last year Nissan used timing belts on Pathfinder's, 2001 and up used timing chain's.No timing belt on

Question about 2004 Pathfinder

1 Answer pathfinder and it makes a very high pitched noise constantly If you put that description into your search engine,I believe you find a lot about your vehicle,you may not want to know. I was ...

Question about 2005 Pathfinder

1 Answer

...timing chains. Borg Warner has a newer udated one, the factory started using,Nov 2009 Yes they are louder than other suv's Go to You Tube and listen to other 4.0 V6 Nissans And NO Nissan---------Does ...

Question about 2006 Pathfinder

1 Answer navara outlaw, there are 79500 miles on it, at how many miles does the timing chain need serviced or changed? It is usually the timing chain tensioner that malfunctions. However if you have a ... pathfinder died while driving and wont start back up new battery, new alternator and belt, new starter... curious as to weather or not the timing belt snapped or if its something else...ive ...

...Timing belt or chain? If you have chain align the dark mark of the chain to gear marks and release the tentioner . after you turn one time the mark wont match to the chain for long time. if you have ...

...timing belt do TD27 engine has a timing belt or it is a gear to gear timing? It is a gear driven camshaft with pushrods to the overhead valves. The injection pump is also gear driven off the ...

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