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Question about 1998 Frontier

1 Answer

...Nissan Frontier p/u truck. What is recommended maintenance on the timing belt or is it a timing chain in this vehicle? this is a chain........60000 mile maint on this truck is fluid change on the ...


Question about 2002 Frontier Crew Cab

3 Answers

...Nissan Frontier timing belt When should the timing belt be replaced on a 2002 Nissan Frontier? The one I'm looking at buying has 88,000 miles on it. Any other major service issues I should look at ...


...Nissan used to recommend replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles, but over time they have found the generally they last longer than that. Personally, I still recommend a 60,000 mile replacement ...

Question about 2005 Frontier

1 Answer

Frontier have a timing belt or chain and if so does it need changing? Easy. Nissan almost always ran on timing chains esp the trucks. You will not have to worry abt changing the timing chain ( if ever

...Nissan Frontier How many miles until the timing belt needs to be changed, on a 4cyl nissan frontier? Some say 80000,but I would say 60000, how to replace the timing belt on my 2000 frontier 2.4 That ...

...NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 WITH OVERHEATIN PROB... I have A nissan frontier 2002 with overheatin problem I chance the heater core the radiator cap I check the radiator and the overheat problem continue ...

...Timing belt have 2000 frontier 70000 miles driving down highway everything just fine then engine stalled and never started found out the tensioner for the timing chain stuck causing engine to jump ...

Question about 2000 Frontier

1 Answer

Please help to tell me if nissan frontier xe crew cab 2002 has timing belt or timing chain. I greatly appriciate. thank you 2002 Frontier has a timing belt! jump timing.  have seen some timing belt cars jump, but never chain driven engines. i think you have something else going on. i have done many and many timing chain jobs on frontiers and ...

Question about 2006 Frontier King

1 Answer

installation timing chain 2.5L engine. Does it use a timing Chain or Belt? When will it likely need to be replaces (miles)? What will the signs be? 2006 should have chain.

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