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Question about 1988 Charade

3 Answers

88 daihatsu charade idling problems gtti daihatsu charade 88 idling problem when car is warmed up stalling when coming up to intersections. You need to check the throttle stop cushion is making ...


Question about 2000 Sentra

1 Answer

2002 Nissian Sentra 1.8 Codes 0102 and 1102 Have replaced mass air with no luck Look for air leak either at the MAF sensoor near the carbon canister It cannot give correct reading when there is an air


Question about 1996 Explorer

2 Answers

can't get the old hub off I have a 1996 ford explorer the front driver side wheel bearing went bad so we had to get a new one, we have a 4x4 so we had to get the whole hub, well we can't get the old ...

Question about 1993 Festiva

2 Answers

replacingfrontwheelbearingsihaverotoroffbutdontknowhowtoinnerbearingoutandraces There is a Ford Rotunda tool called a "Bearing Cup Puller" (Part #T77-1102-A) that is used to remove the bearings. You ...

Question about 2002 Altima

1 Answer

p1102 MAF shorted?? how do I fix it do I just replace a fuse or replaced the sensor. If the MAF sensor is bad then you need to replace it. 1102 does relate to the MAF sensor. It can also be a bad O2 ...

How do you replace the front brake caliber on a 1997 ford expedition Caliper Removal CAUTION: Do not use heat to loosen a seized lug nut . Heat can damage the wheel and the wheel bearings. Loosen the ...

speedometer works sporadically- shows code 52 ECM replaced the vss speed sensor what year is your car cause on a 95 and later models the code for speed sensor is w/scan tool is p0720 and by check ...

Question about 1997 F250 SuperCab

1 Answer

How do you remove the Hub and Rotor on a 97' F250 with Auto 4 wheel drive? I can not get the rotor to come off. I know that the hub must come with it. However, I am not sure what I have not removed in

Question about 1998 Explorer

1 Answer

abs light on codes 1095 1230 1102 need to know howto fix it C1095 refers to a noticed failure with the ABS pump motor. C1230 and C1102 refers to a failure with the rear ABS wheel speed sensor. You may

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