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Question about 2002 Passat

2 Answers

...of rigid plastic hose into it. This seemed to work until a few days later when again at about minus 7°C I put on the break & they locked on, the pedal also stayed depressed. I found that I


Question about 2004 Passat

1 Answer

replacing the battery Open the hood, unplug cap where is a pic with battery, unscrew battery connectors black/minus one first...(and butting back minus/black one last.).and ur done:)


Question about 2003 Passat

1 Answer

lukewarm heater try flushing the heater core ,if outside temperature is below about minus 5c then put some cardboard in front of the rad

...Doesn't right itself even after letting it idle for a while. Temp has been -40C for a few days. Minus 40? Well is the water coolant frozen? Surprised its starting at that temperature. The oil ...

...cosmetic damage. 2 weeks after, engine failed. The day engine failed it was -15, with windchill of minus -25. No issues with engine until this day. more info is neded to be able to help

Question about 2000 Passat 4Motion

3 Answers

go out, then the battery is likely ok. Check that the battery cable plus post, goes to the starter, Minus post to a good ground, like the engine. If wiring is ok, then look at the starter solenoid for

...for any blown fuses with your manual. If it seems to be OK... Using a dash board puller kit or a minus screwdriver with tape wound at its sharp end; pull out the panel surrounding the CC ...

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