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Question about AV-48WP30 48" Rear Projection Television

1 Answer more consistently. Watch HD signals on HD input, Analog signals on Video in or through the TV tuner . Many HD channels and programs are converted analog video and look poor on TV HD inputs. ...


Question about Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

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and thanks. Mo I don't expect a 2 channel amp would have a digital input such as optical. More likely you would be able to pull analog stereo (red and white RCAs) off the Panasonic and run to the JVC


...jvc th-c50 You need to a cable connection from your TV to either: the AUX (in) connectors at the back of the main unit. This is usually done with a simple RCA-cable, assuming that your TV has analog ...

Question about GR-SXM540 S-VHS-C Analog Camcorder

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jvc gr-sxm540 camcorder to my pc. I do not know how to do it You can get videos from this camera, or any analog video source, into a computer. You just have to play them into an analog video interface

Question about HD-61G787 61" Television

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...jvc tv, to my phillips surround sound system under aux but it is not giving me sound? hi you didn't mentioned the model number of your surround sound system, for a better solution its important. any ...

Question about HD-61G787 61" Television

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...JVC Video Cassette Recorder HR-D18OU Thank you. Is the incoming signal OTA or cable? (If cable, is it analog (CATV) or digital (QAM)?) Most TV's do not have a video out but you should check your TV. ...

Question about TH-G30 Theater System

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JVC TH G30 and i have connected my DishTV receiver (not HD) to the Aux port of the device. I can get sounds only on the front left and right speakers.. Is there an option to get surround for this kind

Question about LT42P789 42 in. LCD TV

1 Answer . There is a similar restriction for the analog audio output from the TV with the HDMI inputs. If you use the component audio/video inputs on the TV from your ...

...JVC 20220 how do i set up the tv to find channels? Unless you are lucky enough to be close to one of the remaining low-power analog stations, you will need additional hardware to watch over-the-air ... ) cables for a TV with an analog tuner (NTSC). These signals are 480i. If you want to connect this analog signal to the HDMI port, you need an analog to digital ...

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