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Question about 2005 Jetta

1 Answer

2005 jetta tdi high idle Just purchased a 2005 jetta tdi and it idles at 950 rpm. is this normal? If a/c, headlights,.. other stuff is on 950 is about right.


...jetta with 2.0 engine The idle is controlled by the the idle speed actuator which is part of the throttle body. installed new ac compressor and valve, and 5 cans of coolant. ac only worked for 1 day. ...


Question about 1999 New Jetta

1 Answer

...Jetta wont idle My Jetta wont' idle, it dies right as soon as it turns over. Replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regualtor, and the O2 sensor. Can anyone help? check for vacummn leaks also check ...

where is the idle air control valve on my 98 2.0 jetta where is the idle speed control valve on my 98 2.0 volks. jetta

...idle when engine is cold. my jetta 3 csx fuel injection 1.8 fails to idle in the morning,what could be the problem?i have to keep my foot on the exccelerator for at least 10 minutes and then it will ...

...jetta Take off the battery cables. Touch the positive and negative together for 10 seconds. Reattach the positive first and then the negative. Your computer will be reset to factory settings. Idle ...

Question about 1994 Jetta

1 Answer

jetta. When cold idle is perfect. After warmed up, it idles rough in drive while stopped, but placed in neutral or park and it is smooth. Plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor all replaced. Driving the

Question about 1998 Jetta

1 Answer

Jetta 98 poor idle. Changed air filter when I do not plug in the computer wire to the air filter box car idles fine,,, ( in driveway) but the check engine light stays on. When we plug in the wire car ...

...jetta 4 2.0, I've replaced air flow meter, fuel pump, throttle body and temp switch, it's now reporting a fault saying signal to large. sounds like throttle body not fitted correctly ...

...jetta 1.8 t My car idle high until, I come to another stop and starts over again. Car mellow out when engine warms up. This is normal. The ECM monitors engine temperature and increases idle when it ...

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