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Question about 1992 Integra Hatchback

1 Answer

...integra, and audio is what i do. you can write me at [email protected], or you can call me and i will gladly help you. my # is 225-614-6725. if you need , you can call me and i will call you back so ...


no sound from speakers from components with Integra 6.9 receiver Just bought an Integra 6.9 receiver and cannot get sound when playing CD or Dvd. Have great sound from the receiver though. Did the ...


Question about DTR-9.1 7.1 Channels Receiver

1 Answer

...Integra DTR 7.8 for 3D display and audio I have purchased an Epson EHTW9000 projector and a Samsung BD5500 DVD player, both 3D devices. My receiver is an Integra DTR 7.8 and with present set up (HDMI ...

Question about DTR 5.6 Multi Media Amp

1 Answer

Integra DTR-5.6, no sound for am/fm tuner Integra DTR-5.6, no sound for am/fm tuner reset receiver if that does not work You will have a defective processor pcb

integra dtr 20.3 receiver. no sound from any comp onents You have a defective processor pcb assembly and it must be changed.

Question about DTR-5.1 Receiver

1 Answer

Integra receiver clicking Zone 2 on and 5.1 You most likely have a power amp problem, disconnect all speakers and see if still does the clicking, if so you have an output amp problem

Question about DTR-5.2 Receiver

1 Answer

is drt-20.3 compatible with windows 8? Yes after software up dates via integra web site

Question about Dtr-7.1 Av Receiver Surround Sound Home Digital Theater Receiver Remote

1 Answer

integra 7.1 goes into protect mode when turned on aprox. 10 seconds.Any help would be great in getting to work. You will have defective output transistors (sound) out of my Integra DTR 4.6. Any suggestions? There is absolutely no audio coming out. Does the vu meter show anything(bars moving up and down when audio is present?If so you may have a ...

My Integra DTM-5.3 receiver is showing "Protect". I have 4 speakers and 2 just purchased. Except for taking the cover off and checking inside the receiver I have done everything I can think of. You ...

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