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Question about 2001 Montana

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...HELP!!!! Believe it or not all GM 300 series motors are very similar and they all give head or intake problems whether its in the grand am, grand prix or montana the 3.4 is just that a 3.4. GMs ...


Question about 1999 Montana

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Lower intake Gasket problem Can burnt lower intake gasket cause the car not ot start? no


how do I change an intake exaust manafold intake and exaust manifold are completely different you mean that you need to replace gasket for intake system,,,as this is very common on GM ...

how do i change the intake manifold gasket the van overheats every time i start it. how do i change the intake manifold gasket? The intake manifold got nothing to do with coolant over heating if that ...

Question about 1999 Montana

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oil in radiator oil residue in radiator and level of coolant low You have a blown intake manifold gasket, a very common problem on these engines. Don't let anyone tell you it's the head gaskets. To do

...montana 3.4L. I did not mark my valves when i pulled them out and already put the heads and lower intake on and do not want to pull them all off to figure out which valves are whick. Wondering if ...

...problem with cracking.....HAVE FUN Be aware that coolant in the crankcase may just be due to bad intake manifold gaskets on these.  They're really bad about failures of the intake

...a Pontiac Montana, 2000. (3.4 L) Any tips or guides on just how one gets to this valve? (behind air intake assembly) it looks much harder then it is, the best thing for you to do is buy the new EGR ...

Question about 2003 Montana

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how do i change the mass air flow sensor on my pontiac montana it is inline with your intake tube, unscrew the clamps on both sides of it and remove the harness connected to the MAF, installation is ...

and I notice it most at about 60 to 80 km/h. I have changed the spark plugs and the head gasket and intake gaskets where done about 10000kms. ago,what could be the problem? It could be a fuel issue or

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