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Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

3 Answers

1999 Pontiac Grand Am with "lower intake leak"...What does this mean specifically? Would this mean the intake for the radiator, gasket, or valve? Usually intake has to do with the induction system, as


Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

1 Answer

...pulm gasket need to know where termo is Thermostat is not the problem,replace the gasket on the intake,and plenum,if it has a plastic intake,replace it,you will find at the e g r port,it is ...


what are the torque measurements for the rocker arms and intake manafold? The torque specification is a 2-step process; tighten the vertical lower intake manifold bolts (the four middle ones) to 7 Nm

What's the difference between a blown head gasket and a blown intake gasket? The head gasket goes between the block and the head, and seals the combustion process, and cooling water, and (if oil is ...

...a 3.4L V6 engine and I have a small water leak around the alumium pipe that comes out of top of the intake on the front of the motor and runs across the top of the intake. I have had the gasket on ...

Question about 1994 Grand Am

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intakegasket for grandam gt Exactly what is the wrong? Need the part? Need to know torque adjust or porcedure to take off? For 1994 Pontiac Grand Am 3.1L SFI OHV 6cyl check this procedure for Intake ...

lossing antifreeze but no puddles we think its the antifreeze intake gasget? if no puddles or no keaks you can see, then its probably your head gaskets, or the intake gaskets leaking. look all around ...

Question about 1996 Grand Am

1 Answer

I have a 96 pontiac grand am the push rods got mixed up when i replace the intake gasket no i bought new rods I dont know the order that they go in stand all rods up on a table top, there should be 6 ...

Question about 1999 Grand Am GT

2 Answers

how does water get in to the exhaust from intake gasket. I have a 1999 grand an v6. starts blowing white smoke with in 1min after started. no signs of coolant in oil. runs great. I have the intake off

intake cleaner or carb and choke cleaner??? hello fix ya.. im a little bit confuse about things when it comes to cleaning my car carburetor..what safe cleaner should i use to clean it..should i use ...

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