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water leaking from intake manifold I noticed a little water seeping from the intake manifold on the front left area of the engine. the chev are fames for intake manifold seeping. it will have to be ...


water is seaping out betwean the intake and head do you think it could just be an intake gasket its leaking toward the throttle body if its leaking next to throttle body shift cable side where intake ...


1999 chevy cav 2.2 backfiring thur intake its backfiring thur my intake here are a few things to check, egr system not working properly, vacuum leak at intake or manifold, damaged valve springs or ...

need torque specs for 2000 chevy malibu 3.1 cyl heads & intake (step 1 ) the torque specs for the heads are---1998 through 2001 are 37 foot lbs. ( step 2) rotate an additional 90-degrees (1/4 turn

torque sequence for 1996 chevrolet van intake manifold with a 4.3 litre moter Ha, you tried to fool me with the bit about a 3.5 L motor--I could find that is the complete procedure from ...

Question about 1997 Tahoe

2 Answers

IS THE INTAKE ON A 97 CHEVY TAHOE METAL OR PLASTIC the upper intake is plastic the lower intake is aluminum The material used to make the intake is dependent on which part you are lookin for. The ...

Sisters car.Won't start.checked intake=filthy,spark plugs=replaced,show me the rest? CIRCULAR massair flow sensor before the intake(three vertical aluminum elements)how do you clean it out? Filthy

Question about 2001 Camaro

1 Answer

intake for a 3.8 leak on the front on the intake. is there a freeze out plug on the intake? nope just the intake gaskets its a chevy very very very common problem every one ive ever seen is leaving

Question about 2005 TrailBlazer

1 Answer

throttle body cleaning Tbi cleaning alone won't fix it. The entire intake (big black plastic intake manifold) needs to be removed and cleaned. Also clean any soot on the head intake runners. And ...

Question about 1996 K1500

1 Answer

intake bolt torque specs intack manifold botls how many foor pounds are they suposed to be Here's a link to the intake. Repair Guides Engine Mechanical Lower Intake Manifold AutoZone com Here's ...

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