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Question about Lotus

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oxygen sensor, catalyst and iac as oil residue from filter can build up in iac causing it to stick. If none of these help check voltage to iac and feel for clicking when ignition is turned on and off


...up the road it will stay reving at 2500rpm untill switched off and re started. If you disconect the IAC valve it runs on base idle and is ok hot and cold. no fault codes, scoped all available live ...


2005 Lotus Elise Malfunctioning cluster gauge Tach, spedo, and gas guage keep going out but the car continues to work fine. We have tried disconnecting the battery and resetting the ECU with no ...

2006 Mustang GT 4.6L codes P0010,P0012,P0016,P0020,P0171, P0174 Runs rough and worse with higher octane. Sometimes cuts out while idling. my mustang had problems after i put an exhaust on it. if this ...

Question about 2005 Elise

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Keep getting a P0171. Cleaned MAF sensor. Everything seems to be in spec. Any leak in the EGR system and problem with lazy O2 sensor will trigger P0171. It will take time to troubleshoot this problem.

lotus elise s1 non starter - suddenly hi i have a 98 lotus elise with k engine she suddenly failed to start today - checked fuel feed (orange pushfit) - which was good checked fuel return ( green ...

what would cause burning smell by oxygen sensor and runs rougn and dies. 1990 lotus esperit Possibly a rich fuel mixture

Question about 1989 Esprit

2 Answers

symptoms of bad oxygen sensor Check engine light, running extremely rich or lean,bad gas milage.... Most will set a code in computer, they will make the vehicle run rough or erractic, either lean or ...

Question about 1989 Esprit Turbo

2 Answers

Lotus Esprit Turbo won't maintain idle Car starts, runs for 1 - 2 seconds, shuts off. Will do that many times in a row, will not maintain idle. It's getting gas, could it be coil issue or voltage to ...

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