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Question about 1999 Legacy

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Gear oil what manual transmision oil goes in a 94 Honda civic cx hatchback 1.5L ? I have a 1999 subaru outback with manual transmision that will not go into gear??? like most maual trans u need 80-90w


wont shift out of park...any idea's?...thanks you probably have a fuse or circuit burned. If not the relay that commands the unlock mode when you press the brakes is gone. This is obviously a security


ignition switch spark shorted something II have a 1997 subaru outback and last night while my car boxed in two other cars I broke a key off in my ignition and neither I or a locksmith could get it out

Question about 1999 Legacy

2 Answers

...wont start it could be any number of these problems. Coil Pack Plug Wires Spark Plugs EBX (Engine Brain Box) CBX (Chassis Brain Box) Crank Sensor Fuel Pump Fuel Rail Fuel Injector Good luck did you ...

Question about 1997 Legacy

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hatchback wont open The hatchback on my 1997 subaru remains locked at all times. i can pull on the handle and it moves all the way but does not allow the door to open. even when using the key the door

...wont roll forward or back even in neutral 1997 Legacy, standard transmission, will no longer roll forward or backward, even when in neutral. Car starts and runs fine but when you put it in gear and ...

Question about 1992 Legacy

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doors seif locking all the time wont stay unlocked Get to the bottom of this, the next step is a circuit hot when you do not want it. Most of these issues happen in the door jamb. Are all of the ...

...sounds when turning key and car wont start on my 1995 subaru legacy. First try to reset alarm by inserting key in drivers door lock and lock and unlock-if this does not work try tail lock as

Keyless entry of subaru imperza 2008 is not working Battery of the car went flat ,I replaced it now there is a beep noise when I take the key of the ignition and the keykess entry will not lock or ...

subaru impreza hatchback, parking lights along with clock on the inside flash on and off, you can hear a clicking down by where the fuse box is. batterie has to be disconnected when the car is off or ...

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