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...everytime I park up,any solutions? Disconnect the wires going to the spring loaded switch in your


hatchback lock on 2005 subaru outback will not engage. remains unlocked, and if we open the door if we have used the lock all doors control, the alarm goes off. Check the Handle and make sure it has ...


Question about 1997 Legacy

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hatchback wont open The hatchback on my 1997 subaru remains locked at all times. i can pull on the handle and it moves all the way but does not allow the door to open. even when using the key the door right instead of left Is it possible to get the headlights on a UK spec 2002 GX Impreza hatchback to dip to right instead of left for travel outside of the UK? Remove the lens. There ...

...sounds when turning key and car wont start on my 1995 subaru legacy. First try to reset alarm by inserting key in drivers door lock and lock and unlock-if this does not work try tail lock as

The hatchback does not lock and the rear wiper does not operate. ther is an adjustment 2 screws for the latch striker, try fuse on wiper then motor, hope this helps

...hatchback) suddenly won't open. It never happened before. Remove the panel where the lock is? From the inside? Ros Usually it is a little rust on the outside handle and it does not return fully. try ...

is there anyway to by pass the electronic control monitor on an 87 Subaru GL 1.6 liter hatchback 5 speed? Which electronic control monitor?

subaru impreza hatchback 05 key will not turn Is your steering wheel locked maybe? Try moving the steering wheel from side to side (there should only be a couple of millimeters of play) while trying ...

vacuum diagram for an '86 GL subaru- nonturbo, hatchback vacuum diagram for an '86 GL subaru- nonturbo, hatchback I asm sorry but we do not have these diagrams.

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