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Question about 1994 Grand Cherokee

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unlock the hatchback with the key. That works as well. Try this tip for ALARM SYSTEMS Goo luck!!! I have 94 JGC and the remotes have long since died and replacement batteries did not help. Everytime I


If you have any solution, please, let me known (e-mail:[email protected]). Than you a lot. try to unlock all doors with key if don't work try to wiggle key while unlocking the doors or hatchback!!


trunk wont unlock on a 2000 jeep grand cherokee you can hear the trunk wanting to unlock but it just wont unlock you could try to bang on it hard while trying to unlock it

...unlock the car manually. Yesterday when unlocking the hatchback the alarm went off. We had to disconnect the fuses and battery to get it to shut off. Now the car will not stay running. It will turn ...

wont turn with the key in it, also when i manually unlocked the door the alarm went off and would not stop We had a 1995 jeep with no keyless entry also. To avoid the ALARM going off, we had to insert

I can't get my hatchback (trunk) door open on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have unlocked it...Is there a secret button somewhere? And there is no key lock around the handle. I just got the car. ...

Question about 2000 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

where is door switch for hatchback on 97 jeep grand cherokee if you are talking about the actuator(the part that unlocks it when switch is pressed) its under the hatchback inside panel.pull off or ...

...on my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is unlocked. Can it be opened from the inside? yes take off the hatchback door panel and this give you access to the bar that releases the ...

Question about 1994 Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

...wont open i had this problem when i first got the jeep, i cant remember how i finally did get it open, but if you can, its a simple process of taking the panel off the inside of the hatchback. youll ...

Question about 2001 Grand Cherokee

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...hatchback would not open to unload. tried pushing while holding the electronic unlock button. There's a small door (access hole) on the inside of the hatch door below the window & to the right ...

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