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Question about 2005 Aveo

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...wont play and turns the regular radio back on its an aveo 2005 hatchback either the player cannot play the cd (usually happens with computer copied cd's) or you should try any kind of original audio ...


rad hose leaking chevy optra hatchback 2004 i have a 2004 chevy optra hatchback leaking antifreeze from the rad hose. how do i fix this myself? FRIST THING IS TO BUY A HOSE THEN GET A PAIR OF PLIERS ...


Replace Fuel Filter on 2006 Chevy Aveo Hatchback I have a 2006 Chevy Aveo Hatchback. I need to replace the fuel filter. Is the fuel filter external to the fuel pump, or will I have to replace the ...

2005 chevy aveo hatchback - drivers side headlight 2005 Chevy Aveo hatchback - drivers side headlight went out, replaced both headlights with new.. passenger side works fine, drivers side is still not

how do i get the rear drum off a chevy aveo 2005 hatchback you will need a torch to heat it up,then tap it with a hammer

What size larger rims &tires can i use on my 2004 hatchback? go to a mag wheel shop

...Hatchback and I'm having trouble opening the hatch door. The door is unlocked, but wont open. What do I do? take the panel off the hatch there is a rode that goes to the handle reconect them it is ...

unlock this? the code is in your owners manual, or call the dealership Try these below the same thing happened to me last year and I found these. Mine was 2152; good luck. 1156, 1165, 1325, 2145, 2151

Question about 2008 Aveo5

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...the instrument panel fuse box located inside the vehicle. It's a little different between the hatchback and the sedan but the panels are in the same location. Below i gave you a picture of the ...

Question about 2004 Aveo

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2007 chevrolet aveo hatchback how do i disable daytime running lights on 2007 Chevey Aveo Hatchback You used to able to pull the DRL relay and they would stay off. Newer cars though will disable the ...

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