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Question about 1994 Legacy Outdoor

2 Answers

doors locks Doors lock but will not unlock when the drivers door is unlocked I had the same problem. I think it is due to wearing of the internal part of the door mechanism. The handle on the inside ...


need to remove the door panel on my 2001 Subaru Outback - I believe that the speaker magnet has come loose from the speaker and is rolling around behind the driver-side front door panel, or I think it


!993 subaru legacy doors dont unlock I have a 1993 Subaru Legacy. The power door locks dont work. The front passanger and the rear seat doors will not unlock. I have to physically mash in on the lock ...

Question about 1999 Legacy

1 Answer

Gear oil what manual transmision oil goes in a 94 Honda civic cx hatchback 1.5L ? I have a 1999 subaru outback with manual transmision that will not go into gear??? like most maual trans u need 80-90w

Question about 1997 Legacy

1 Answer

...hatchback on my 1997 subaru remains locked at all times. i can pull on the handle and it moves all the way but does not allow the door to open. even when using the key the door refuses to open. How ...

1992 Subaru Liberty wagon - cannot lock front passenger door. I have a 1992 Subaru Liberty (Legacy) wagon. The lock on the front passenger door will not lock. The key will not turn fully in the lock ...

Question about 2005 Legacy

1 Answer

Stuck rear door locks! I recently bought a used 2005 Legacy 2.5i from a friend; when I bought it she told me that if you mess with the locks too much, they'll stick. Unfortunately, with kids ...

subaru impreza hatchback, parking lights along with clock on the inside flash on and off, you can hear a clicking down by where the fuse box is. batterie has to be disconnected when the car is off or ...

Question about 1995 Legacy

1 Answer

child door lock stuck will not disengage safety lock on rear door. Cannot open door from inside. Door works from outside and all normal keyless operations work fine If the little lever on the door ...

1995 legesy adjusting drivers door window If it won't go all the way up or down, pull the door panel and move the stops on each end of the door glass. You'll see what I speak of once you get the door ...

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