Questions & Answers for: Honda XR 600 R hard start when cold


Question about 1996 XR 600 R

1 Answer

hard to start very hard when cold 1996 r600 wont start cold with out starting fluid. seems low on compression just bought this bike , know little about them. I had a 97 900rr that did the same thing, ...


...hard to start Thanks from Peter These old 600's are infamous for having weak stators. The battery should not be the issue. The stator will actually make a stronger spark and allow you to start the ...


Question about 1986 XR 600 R

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...hard to start cold but once warm start the first time i kick it. i am looking for the initial opening of the pilot screw. Your description makes it sound like it's running lean, not rich. A general ...

hard bto start and some times it will just did on me and run bad at high speed vacuum leak at manifold (hard starts) and chattering of choke butterfly from loose or misadjusted choke lever..(high rpm)

Question about 1986 XR 600 R

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hard starting and when it does start it only runs for a couple minutes then dies. @ Hi, Rscaggs and the usual suspects are: 1. Enrichner system plugged, not properly functioning or improperly operated

...cold, runs good but wont start hot The fuel in the carburetor float chambers is boiling while it sits, and flooding the engine. If it has a fuel petcock turn that off, and let the bike stop through ...

Question about 1990 XR 600 R

1 Answer

...start at tdc Remember all Honda's are cold blooded. Make sure your gas is on, full choke, pull the decompression lever, no throttle, kick the engine over 3 or 4 times. Let go of the decompression ...

...start back up until the engine has cooled off. what is the [email protected] Hi, Talynn91 and the usual suspects are: 1. Faulty ignition coil. 2. Faulty spark plug cables. 3. Faulty temperature sensor. 4. ...

start when cold Bike won't start when cold Hi, Anonymous and the usual suspects are: 1. Fuel cap or fuel tank is not venting properly. 2. Fuel filter clogged. 3. Fuel line pinched or kinked. 4. Vacuum

...cold start, starts but won't keep running on choke, but perfect when hot? No difference with full or half choke starts and stops in a couple of seconds won't respond to throttle Inputs when hot one ...

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