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Question about 1993 Laser

1 Answer

very hard to start when cold 93 laser 2.0 non turbo is very hard to get started when cold. Solution: don't start when cold.


Question about 1990 Laser

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Cold start thermal shut down switch! I had one go on me soon as I replace it it started up keep in mind these switches become dense get hot and cold especially when they cool down rapidly in this cold


...cold starting issues starting fluid would start it took it to the garage diagnosis ecu was bad. found a place that rebuild them put new computer in starts just fine now it idles ...

when my plymouth laser is cold in the morning its hard to start. CHECK THE FUEL PRESURE REGULATOR COULD BE LEAKING OR THE COLD START INJECTOR.

1991 plymouth laser rs strange light comes on then turns off. I have a 1991 plymouth laser Rs and a light has recently turned on beside the "check engine" light. It is yellow and resembles a gazebo of

...hard) turning right my 1994 Plymouth Laser shut off - when I tried to start the car again it wouldn't turn over - sounded as though there was no fuel although I had over 1/4 tank of gas it - battery ...

1992 Plymouth laser runs good when cold until it is shut off then doesnt wont to restart loses spark on cyl. 2and3 is this a bad coil or something els MOST LIKELY A BAD IGNITION COIL

...and idling at around 2k, so when shifting from (D) or (R) or to any other gear, it jerks really hard. 3 problems, HIGH idle, LOUD(not the muffler, its coming from the motor, kinda like a intake ...

...start when cold..will only idle. Once it gets some heat in it, it runs and starts fine. It threw 3 codes, volume Air Flow senor, intake air temperature sensor, and idle speed control motor. I checked ...

Question about 1994 Laser

1 Answer

battery size An 86 series battery, at least 525 cold cranking amps.

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