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Question about 2005 Wrangler

3 Answers

...hard time starting in the mornings when its cold out (35 to 40 degrees)it has a new tune up, 120,000 miles and a 4cyl engine My guess would be the battery. When was the last time it was replaced or ...


...hard to start it has a carburator,I have replaced the rotor,dist. cap.plugs,and wires,and gave the carb. a good cleaning,and it is still hard to start? If it has a carb, then it also has a choke. Is ...


Question about 1998 Wrangler

1 Answer puts a small amount of fuel in the motor without stalling it out. it wont start as hard. another good idea is to keep some fuel stabalizer in the tank everytime you fill up. hope this ...

hard too start after i change my fuel my 95 yj hard too start after i change my fuel pump 2 days ago.some guys told me that supose to solve my hard time too start in the moorning .. this morning (cold

hard to start again. It's taking longer to start when cold. Thanks for all the help !! see if your engine has a ECT sensor (temp sensor that delivers information to your ECM) they are installed on the

...hard to start when cold. wont start until i hear the clicking noise conming from relay fuse box. once the clicking goes through its few seconds the jeep starts right up. The problem is in the morning ...

hard to start when it is My 1995 Jeep Wrangler is hard to start when it is cold CHECK BATTERY VOLTAGE.IT SHOULD BE 12.5 VOLTS.IF BATTERY OKAY.YOUR FUEL FILTER COULD BE STOPPED UP.OR YOU NEED NEW PLUGS

Question about 1995 Wrangler

1 Answer

HARD START COLD 1 START OF THE DAY When you're trying to start it for the first time of the day, look at the dash to see if the check engine light is on when you first turn on the ignition. If the

Question about 1999 Wrangler

1 Answer

...hard.html ---------- Car won't start when cold? ----------- It can be issue with IAC( idle air control valve) causing the ...

Question about 1990 Wrangler

1 Answer

...start hard to start when cold, wet out or sitting for a few days TUNE UP TIME. I-6 engine? old spark parts JUST HATE water. 100 years, of this and same. do the 60,000 mile tune up, called the service ...

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