Questions & Answers for: Isuzu Trooper hard start when cold


...start and immediately idle very low, then stall. I have to keep my foot on the pedal to keep the engine running. can't seem to idle when cold. only after about 15-20 mins hard driving (like on the ...


start have an isuzu 2001 trooper with diesel engine that has a hard time starting especially in the morning or when the engine is cold. once it's warmed up, it starts okay. changed the glow plug, fuel


...more cca than non creates no extra drag on the engine when starting. Higher cca will help with cold starts and hot weather, generally not being "worked hard" will also extend it's

...hard to start then dies like no petrol, when it does start blows black smoke like running rich ? check injectors for leakage when engine off-will have to install fuel press gauge run engine and check ...

hard to start when cold My 1993 trooper is very hard to start when the temperature outside is cold. Yesterday it would not start at all. I am not a mechanic, but I can do some minor things. Any ideas?

...hard to start when cold,It just winds over alot,could it be oil pressure sensors and if so can i buy pass them so it starts easier. no do not do that ,ask a local mechanic to check out the pre heat ...

Question about 2000 Trooper

1 Answer

...hard to start Hi I have a 2000 trooper insignia 3.0 ltr diesel which takes 10 seconds to start from cold once its warm it starts no probs .It has 2 batteries .Does anyone know why it takes so long to ...

Question about 1990 Trooper

1 Answer

...we thought it was the fuel pump so we replaced yesterday only to awake this morning to go to work and would not start again. HELP! You may want to take a hard look at your Coolant Temperature

Question about 1999 Trooper

1 Answer

...hard to start when the vehicle is in a downward slope. When it starts, the idling is very poor as if it will go off if I try to push the pedal. The smoke is white when the engine is cold but no smoke ...

...hard to start. acts like it flooded but when it finely starts it runs great and will restart every time. once cold it ether won't start or is very hard to start and acts like its flooded. you can ...

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