Questions & Answers for: Dodge Ram 3500 hard start when cold


Question about 2002 Ram 3500 Truck

2 Answers

...hard to start after setting for four hours on hot or cold days I had a similar problem with my 06 cummins 5.9, I had to replace the lift pump. check to make sure fuel rail is not leaking also check ...


Question about 2002 Ram 3500 Truck

3 Answers

...cold air but you would never feel it. you also have a climate control module. that be checked as well. a good mechanic will check all these things before pronouncing the usual answer if they got no ...


...cold however with not much force. This just started a couple of days ago. When on low setting hardly anything and on highest setting very little. It sounds like it is trying to blow hard but sounds ...

Question about 2005 Ram 3500

1 Answer

...hard start in cold weather,will start easy if pluged in,has code p0113 DTC P0113 is Intake Air / Charge Temperature Sensor High, Check wiring to the sensor and if that is good then the sensor may be ...

...start while it is hot ... any help out there for this beast of burdon would be appericated ... thanks HelloThe engine and automatic transmission in this vehicles drive train are fully electronically ...

...---------- Car won't start when cold? ----------- These will help.

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