Questions & Answers for: Chevrolet Cavalier hard start when cold


Question about 1994 Cavalier

1 Answer

hard starting from cold i started park it ran fine, but when i put it in gear (reverse and drive) the motor starts to sputter and wants to stall...even if i give it gas it still


Question about 1998 Cavalier

1 Answer

...hard to start in the cold.When it's really cold out the car almost sounds like it does when you try to starta car with a dead battery. But I made sure that the alternator was charging at 15 Amps with ...


Question about 1998 Cavalier

1 Answer

Hard to start after shutting off after turning off the engine, if wait a few minutes it's hard to start. The starter operates great when cold. When the engine gets to its normal operrating tempreture ...

...on all pistons starting when its cold and wait 10 more minutes and do it again when its warmed up. You may get different reading telling you the rings are sticking causing the hard to start when ...

...the possiblities? In addition, the car starts hard when it is already warm (after driving).. The car starts great when cold. 83,000 miles on it. it sounds like u could have a faulty catalytic ...

...start it, what may cos that? thank you. try by changing the coolant temperature sensor, this may be your problem. Coolant sensor problems will manifest themselves during cold starts and during the ...

...start out ok but won't shift automaticly but shifts fine manually. But still runs rough. Sounds like possibly more than on problem, crankshaft position sensor, or ignition module likely on ...

...start even after I let go of the key There is a spring which may be weakened or broken that retracts the gear. Only a service will fix. Is your steering wheel turned far to one side? Sometimes that ...

Question about 1996 Cavalier

1 Answer hard to start when cold, but starts OK when warm and has no hesitation under acceleration when warm. Thanks. Have you checked base fuel pressure with a gauge before and after cranking the engine

...20 sec runs good but turn it off becomes very hard to start. Replaced plugs and wires. Model: Chevy Cavalier Z-24 Engine: 2.4 L Trans: Automatic Miles: 160,000 check the fire order and spark plug

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